“Afghanistan: A Soldier’s Story” depends on the submissions of those who served. Whether you are among the CF members, families of the Fallen, or DND employees and civilians in support roles who have deployed with the Combat Mission, this is your opportunity to tell YOUR story. Help us to tell it.

Details on Submissions:

Submissions or queries regarding submissions can be emailed to Queries

There is no need to upload submissions to this site. We have found it to be awkward and cumbersome and all too often it just plain doesn’t work. As per above, simply email to Submissions

Further to this, if you are not confident in your writing, we can help you.

Photos must be a fairly high resolution for publication. At least 300 dpi or 1 megabyte in size. Small photos do not reproduce well. Photos should also be captioned. Who is in it, who took it, when it was taken and a general idea of where. A little info on the content is also appreciated.

More details are available below.

Afghanistan A Soldier’s Story Submissions Disclaimer
(Please take time to read the disclaimer prior to submitting)

For those still serving, please remember the guidelines given to you during Media Awareness Training (below) as they would apply to any submission you decide to make.

DND Media Interview Policy Aid-Memoire

In their official capacity, CF members and DND employees may agree to be interviewed by the media provided it is to speak about what they do and know first hand.

Requests that concern what you do –  CF Members and DND employees:

  • May seek advice in advance from Public Affairs, if desired (recommended COA);
  • May respond or refer the inquiry to their chain of command or to Public Affairs;
  • Must refer questions that fall outside of their personal experience to their chain of command or to Public Affairs;
  • Must inform Public Affairs through their chain of command of the interview and of questions that fall outside of their personal experience or expertise.

Requests that do not concern what you do –  Subject- matter experts or Public Affairs Officers:

  • Must ensure the accuracy of any information they provide;
  • Must ensure interviews are on the record for attribution by name and title, unless otherwise authorized;
  • Must inform Public Affairs through their chain of command of the results of the interview or of speculative questions.


  •  Seek advice and support from Public Affairs through the chain of command, when desired or when in doubt about how to respond;
  • Agree to be interviewed ONLY if you personally want to;
  • Discuss only your own job within your personal areas of experience or expertise; and,
  • Respect the principle of operational security, the judicial process, and the federal laws and policies governing the disclosure of information.


  •  Respond to media enquiries that fall outside of your personal experience or expertise, unless otherwise approved;
  • Undermine the safety of personnel involved in, or the potential success, or a CF operation;
  • Speculate about events, incidents, issues, or future policy decisions;
  • Offer your personal opinion on Government policy or DND/CF policy; or
  • Discuss advice given to the Minister Cabinet, or the chain of command.

In order to submit large files such as graphics, photographs or video clips, email for more information. Videos can be uploaded to our You Tube Channel. It is necessary, however, to identify yourself in your correspondence so that, as required, we can validate your submission.  Validation is essential to ensure content integrity. If a submission cannot be validated, (and we will work with folks who encounter difficulty having legitimate submissions validated) then it cannot be posted.

There is no need to register at this site to send in a submission. Unfortunately a great many folks with no interest in or association with the project seem to want to register at the site. A kind of spam I suppose.

In order for us to validate submissions for publication please ensure that you include the following information:

First and last name, service number if you were/are with the CF, media outlet if you embedded on a mission or operation, dates deployed, and your mission or operation. Identification of  someone with whom you deployed for confirmation and validation of your submission, on an as required basis. Confidentiality will be respected when and as requested. We will also need your email address.

This information is required to ensure the integrity of the final publication and YOUR stories. Submissions, as mentioned, will be validated as required. We also recognize that some may wish to submit under a pen name. Make sure this is clear in the submission, but the editors and validators still need to know who you are. We can keep identities confidential, when necessary, but recommend openness in submissions. This book is not meant to be a platform for ranting and complaining. It is an opportunity to share the human stories, the Afghan Mission experience from the perspective of the boots on the ground.

Writing assistance, once again, is also available on request. Writing does not come easy to some, but I’ve heard enough stories from the troops to know most of you are excellent story tellers!

Submissions are welcome in a variety of formats. We welcome articles, poems, photographs, art work, and short video clips.

Ideally written submissions should run between 200 and 600 words, but a really good story that takes a little more space is certainly welcome.

Images should be at least 1 MB in size but no bigger than 2 MB. If the publisher or editor needs a larger format they will contact you. It’s also very important to caption your image submissions. This means we need to know who took the picture, where they took it, when they took it, who’s in it (first and last name, rank -where applicable) and a little bit about what is going on in the photo. Pictures of underage Canadian children require parental permission. Content will not be translated, but submissions will be published in the language in which they were received. Editing, if not specifically requested, will be minimal to retain the character and tone of the author.

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