“The Veterans”

The Veterans is a documentary series, funded in part by the Power Workers’ Union that looks at Canada’s veterans, their experiences during their time of service and what impact it had on them. The series covers Veterans from World War I to the present.

Episodes can be found for viewing at “The Veterans”


A Message From The Prime Minister & Senator Wallin

The Afghan Book Project is partnering with this documentary series in order to bring these interviews to every presentation and will include a DVD of the episodes related to the Afghan Mission in the back of the final publication “Afghanistan: A Soldier’s Story”. We hope the interviews with Veterans will inspire and encourage those who served in the Afghanistan Mission to more readily share their own stories and images.


The Veterans is a 58 episode documentary series which illustrates the impact of Canada’s participation in foreign conflicts and crises on Canada, Canadians and the military from WWI up to and including Afghanistan.  The documentary focuses on civics, citizenship, nation building and leadership and examines the influence of the changing nature of warfare on doctrine, operations, education, training and equipment.  The Veterans also touches on the role of Canadians at large, the industrial and scientific community, aid organizations and NGOs.

The documentary is an oral history.  It is a look at Canada’s veterans and the serving men and women of the Canadian Forces, their experiences during time of service and what impact it had on them.  All branches of service are included.

By examining this series episode by episode you will discover how Canada’s military evolved into the modern, well trained and highly capable military it is today.  You’ll hear from those who were directly involved in that transition process.

The men and women interviewed in the documentary series served selflessly to help make this a better place for everyone.  They served to protect our freedom, champion human rights, promote Canada’s values and preserve democracy.   Let us never forget what they have done and how much we owe them.

Bilingual episodes will be added late 2012.

This project was funded principally by the Power Workers’ Union and enjoyed the assistance and support of the Department of National Defence.


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