The Military Family Resource Centre (MFRC) at Canadian Forces Base Edmonton http://www.familyforce.ca/sites/Edmonton/EN/About%20Us/Pages/Staff.aspx is sponsoring the Afghanistan book project in so far as it has agreed to administer a fund for the project. This allows us, through the MFRC, to provide tax receipts for donations in support of the development and publication of the proposed legacy album “Afghanistan: A Soldier’s Story”

It is our intent to provide key project sponsors and corporate donors with a recognition at the back of the book. This will include corporate identities, web sites, and points of contact, as a well as a few paragraphs from each key sponsor, and donor indicating why they chose to support the project.

Racknine Inc. http://www.racknine.com/ has graciously provided “Afghanistan: A Soldier’s Story, with web hosting and technical support (not to mention tremendous advice and direction from Rafael). Many thanks.

The Power Workers Union of Ontario http://www.pwu.ca/ has made a generous donation towards publication of “Afghanistan: A Soldier’s Story”.

90th Parallel Productions http://www.90thparallel.ca/ donated the 2010 documentary they did for CBC, We Will Remember Them” for our summer 2013 travelling film festival.

Reel Girls Media http://www.reelgirlsmedia.com/ donated their 2007 documentary “Homefront” for our summer 2013 travelling film festival.

The Port Coquitlam Branch 133 of the Royal Canadian Legion http://pocolegion.ca/ made a generous donation to our summer 2013 travelling film festival.

The Royal Canadian Legion Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Command http://www.legionnl.ca/ made a generous donation that made it possible to take the Afghan Film Festival to that province.

LCol Mike Vernon, (retired) donated a copy of his film “Desert Lions” for our summer 2013 travelling film festival.

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