Uploading New Content – Where’s Yours?

I am up to 2008 in terms of removing material borrowed from Combat Camera and uploading new submissions. As you visit each year you can check out your own submission (that’s if you sent something in) and see where we are short material. Also gives you an opportunity to get a sense of what others are writing. Might inspire those of you who served but have been silent so far to send something in. If you DID send something in and it’s not there (remember I am only up to 2008) feel free to nag me consult@mywrdwrx.com or resend your material. And remember, images have to be high resolution.

Some of you sent in very long pieces and numerous photos. We have a new cap of 240 pages and don’t want to leave anyone out so some of the longer submissions will be edited to a shorter version for the hard copy of the book while the e-version will have the full version. Same goes for photos. The hard cover will have at least one of the photos you’ve sent in while the e-version will have them all (except out of focus, or unidentifiable photos)

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