canadian_flag Well, it’s been four years of hard slogging on the part of a growing handful of volunteers. Thank you all so very much. You know who you are.

We had to extend the cut off for submissions to 15 May (thanks to a few Ottawa brass) and now find ourselves overwhelmed with content. Wonderful! So we will make the book a little bigger. 304 pages to be specific. A big jump from the 208 pages we thought we might be able to fill!

We have contributions from almost 150 people and the book looks to be the first of its kind. Reading through the draft as we edit I am moved, fascinated, haunted, saddened and amused by the stories and photos folks have chosen to share. “Afghanistan: A Canadian Story” provides a worthwhile and very human insight into the more than 12 years Canadians served in Afghanistan and the maritime approaches to that part of the world.

For those of you who contributed, be proud of your contribution and know that you have a place in a rather fascinating and significant historical legacy unlike any that has come before. For those of you who never quite got around to it, too late.

The book is now with the copy editor and will be launched, in Ottawa, November 2014, probably as a part of Veterans Week. You should be able to order it through Chapters Indigo around the time of the launch or shortly thereafter.

All proceeds will go to the Edmonton MFRC for distribution to Boomers Legacy Foundation, the Military Families Fund and the Soldier On Fund.

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