Film Tour moves through Southern Alberta and heads to Moose Jaw for 3 September

30 August 30, 2013

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I am comfortably ensconced in the Travelodge Lethbridge, Alberta. The film tour launch on the 23rd at the Edmonton MFRC, though under-attended (almost 30) was what I would call a success. Folks who came didn’t leave until the last film had run to credits and when we were done, stood to applaud. And three folks (in uniform) were making inquiries as to how to get the films in to places like RMC in Kingston and their own home units. We had two good local articles too (attached) with some inaccuracies (like John picking up the tab for publication and leaving out the part Susan Magill played in coming up with the project concept).

Of greater significance, however, was the meeting today with The Military Museums in Calgary. They want to have a two day finale at the museum 15, 16 November and are very interested in a transfer of the web site to the museum, following publication of the book, and a morphing of the site into a “Canadian Soldier’s Stories” to gather the boots on the ground stories from the Boer War forward into future engagements. They have an interactive display that would be perfect for this. Quite exciting! Awaiting confirmation following their meeting next Wednesday. Should make it easier to sell the Canadian War Museum on the idea of an annual Canadian Military Film Festival.

I have permissions on all films now (CBC is charging me $150 for “Life and Death in Kandahar” and the offer of an eleventh film. Next stop Moose Jaw on the 3rd, Regina on the 5th and Shilo on the 9th.

I am hoping to roll into Ottawa on the eastbound journey around 6 October, I have a showing confirmed for North Bay and interest from London Ontario, Toronto, and Kingston. So far nothing for Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, or PEI, but I now have three films viewable in French and could probably stumble awkwardly through a preamble in French. Folks in parts east take note!

I have enjoyed the camping but periodically take a break in a cheap motel (by then the grubby bathrooms are nothing compared to the luxury of a hot shower!) The Shushwap was beautiful and I enjoyed the road side fruit stands through the BC interior. Some days I think I am out of my mind to take on this journey and I get terribly anxious, especially about expenses. Then I have a great day like today and can’t imagine doing anything else! Two and a half months to go. But who’s counting?