Rough Draft finally completed

It is done. Almost four years since we started it. The rough draft of the book, all 307 pages of it, has gone to the volunteer copy editor, Capt Susan Magill, my PAO partner in creative mayhem and machinations. The door is closed on all but those few submissions we have already been apprised of.

Now, how to fit 307 pages in to the cap of 240 pages. Folks who have submitted more than one story, you will be reduced to your best of. Folks who have gone on and on and on and on – and you know who you are – you will be abbreviated. Submission instructions at the web site were pretty clear.

And for those of you who sent me teeny tiny photos without captions, you have no idea how much work you created. All too often, a photo just could not be included. Again, the instructions at the web site were pretty clear. Interesting to note that the most frequent offenders in this last sin were senior (as in brass) peeps. Ludites of the world seem to have gravitated to the CAF/DND.

There will be an e-version in the New Year in which we hope to include everything as well as a gallery of unassigned (no accompanying story) photos. For those of you who never got around to sharing your story, too bad, so sad, too late. Interesting to note that none of the folks I served with bothered to submit a story or a photo. Thanks.

In any event, it will be wonderful to finally enjoy retirement life a little (not really – still a lot to do). And to all who helped get us this far, you have been and no doubt will continue to be wonderful. Demigods and goddesses all.

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