May Developments

A lot of progress has been made in recent months. Publication has been moved to November 2014 in order to include the training mission. We have an excellent book intro from the CDS, viewable as a pdf at this site, and the promise of a second intro from Canadian Historian Dr. Jack Granatstein. MGen Vance has offered to write the afterward and apparently has some submissions he would like to make. LCol Ian Hope has agreed to write historical intros for each section, and LCol Mark Gasparotto has agreed to act as project Champion for CME (Canadian Military Engineers). We have also entered into a collaborative relationship with the producers of the documentary series “The Veterans” to include episodes of their 58 episode series (a mini film festival as it were) at presentations across Canada, and will be including a DVD of the episodes relevant to the Afghan Mission in the back of the book. We also have permission to use “Homefront” a CF documentary filmed here in Edmonton and in Afghanistan by Reel Girls Media Inc. in 2007. I am in discussion with the Edmonton MFRC with regards to a media event there in May or June to announce the new developments and encourage those who served to share their stories.   

There has also been a change in my own status, as I have been posted, prior to retirement, to the Vancouver area, so will be looking to Grant Cree and Rachelle Foss to carry on with events, when possible, in the Edmonton area. Capt Magill will also help out until she posts out to Moose Jaw in June. I believe we have enough established at this point for folks to get proactive with the project in their own areas. And I strongly encourage any supporters of this project to get proactive. To have a successful book, no matter how many VIPs get involved at the top end, we must have the stories and images of those who served. That means I need YOUR help to make this project go viral. I have placed downloadable resources at the Media Kit page of the web site to support any presentations you might want to make in your respective areas. These will be updated and expanded as we move forward. I encourage you to put them to good use.

A suggestion for local area presentations is to stage a mini film festival, with clips from our YouTube Channel as well as “The Veterans” site. As more films become available I will put them at our YouTube Channel.

If you have the capacity to capture video footage on a handicam or your state-of-the-art cellphone you can even do on the spot interviews with those who served and upload them to our YouTube Channel. And have fun helping me take this viral! We need submissions from those who served!

Many thanks.

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