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AfghanistanCanadianStoryThe final cover is decided and formatting of much of the first and last section of the book is complete. Now comes the daunting task of editing, ordering and formatting all the submissions, the real content. A frustrating part of this is a requirement to resize many photos. Fortunately the publisher put me on to a good software program that does this surprisingly well.

The book has full funding thanks to the Power Workers Union and will be published November 2014. If you deployed, Military, RCMP, Corrections, Media, Civilian, it would be a shame to have the book come out and your friends and family ask why it doesn’t have your story. For those of you who are at a loss as to what you should write, have a look at what others have sent in. Content accumulation as of July 2013 can be found at /

Over 100 people have already contributed with the promise of many more. Very few Air Force and no RCMP yet. Discussion is under way to expand the number of pages in the book and there will be an e-version of the book.

Remember submission cut-off is May 1 2014. 200 to 600 words for articles (more for exceptional stories). Identify who you are and when you deployed. Photos have to be at least 300 dpi or 1 megabyte and need to include who took the photo, who’s in it, and when it was taken. Submissions can be emailed to

If you don’t get your story in before May 1st there will be no additional opportunities to sneak a submission in later. That will be it. When the book comes out and friends and family flip to the year or years you deployed, they won’t find you. Everything goes to the publisher by mid-May and before that Capt. Susan Magill has to copy edit the whole thing! And she has at least two day jobs with the CAF. So no exceptions for late submissions.

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